GIVE the crutch of GOD

When you are raised to believe in a God you are allowed the opportunity to someday deny its existence; given first the chance to experience a world in which you were never alone.

God is a crutch worth having when we first arrive to this planet, with such uncertainly and weakness. Children can truly be children—when they have a God. You learn to set aside unnecessary worry and give it to God; grow into teen years knowing all behavior is done with your maker watching, guiding and loving you.

Those teens then grow into adults and can properly critique the notion, with having first known a life with a Guide.

When you give a child a God, you give a child a chance to never be alone, to always have a partner. Like a child that loses a parent, you always have someone watching over you.

To deny a child the chance to believe in a God is something I am guilty of. I raised my first son, now a young man, believing the idea of a God was preposterous, for the ignorant and uneducated, the brainwashed and weak. I was simply too smart to tell him I didn’t know; too ashamed to tell him I fell for the lies of the church I grew up in; too educated to admit that no one really knows the truth of the matter; too afraid to let his beliefs become organic to him; and too uncertain to let them do the same for me.

But today, my partner is God. Some days that God is my mother, others it’s Jesus, some days it’s aliens and others—simply atoms of energy. But it’s real, it’s mine, and for those reasons, and many more, I always have a Partner, I am never alone, and no thought I ever have is private.

When I listen—it guides me, with words others speak, through articles I read, and even with random comments I make to other people. When I listen, I see I am never alone.

Give your child a Higher Power. And let them see how it works. And let them decide, without brainwashing them first, if they’d rather not participate.

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